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How to Take Care of Your Cutting Board

Wood boards need a little extra care compared to plastic, but a properly maintained wood board can last for years! Follow these tips to help keep your board in great shape.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Your Board


  • Brush off leftover food with a towel

  • Hand wash in warm water with dish soap and a medium sponge

  • Wash both sides for even moisture exposure

  • Stand your board up on its side to dry

  • Never put your board in the dishwasher

  • Don't use scented soaps

  • Never soak your board or let it sit in water

  • Don't use scouring pads or other tough scrubbing products 


Smells and Sanitizing

Light Clean

  1. Wipe/spray a thin layer of white vinegar onto the board after you're done cleaning

  2. Let it dry on its side like normal

Deep Clean

  1. Squeeze a lemon out onto the board

  2. Add a handful of salt

  3. Use the lemon to work the salt around and rub the juice into the board

  4. Rinse and let dry


  • The best way to prevent stains is to keep your board properly oiled.

  • We don't recommend using baking soda. It may work, but it can also react with tannins in the wood, causing discoloration in your board. 

  • Either of the sanitization methods should help remove the stain. Anything left should work itself out over time with normal use and washing.

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Oiling and Waxing


There are lots of products on the market labeled "cutting board oil" or "cutting board wax". They're all basically just mineral oil, and they may have beeswax in them.

We prefer the products that have beeswax because the paste is easier to work with than liquid mineral oil. Plus, the wax leaves a great water repellent finish on the surface.


  1. Apply a thin coat of your oil or wax to the surface of your board. Make sure to coat all sides.

  2. Wait about 15 minutes for the wood to soak up the mineral oil. 

  3. If your board still looks dry and rough, repeat Step 2 until the surface has a nice sheen.

  4. Buff out the surface of your board to remove any excess.​

Oil your board about once a month, or whenever it starts to feel dry!

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