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About Us

Our Story

Noticing the little things is something that I've never been able to escape. When the second hand on a watch doesn't line up exactly with the markers, when the camera angle changes and the main character's bag rests on a lower part of their shoulder, when the "J" on the jack is printed slightly higher than the "K" on the king, it bothers me. I'm not usually one to ruin it for others (send your regards to my girlfriend), but it means that I often think about how to make things better. I opened this design studio as an outlet for those thoughts, and to bring better products to you.

I got a bit ahead of myself. I'm Camren, Onecar's founder. My background is in mechanical engineering, but after college I did user experience and product design work for a tech consulting company. Software was interesting to me, but I wanted to get back into physical product design. So, I left and started Onecar. Now I get to spend my days fixing the little things, one product at a time. 

What Now?

We're still putting the final touches on our workshop and getting our first official product ready. Currently, our design for the perfect cutting board is being thoroughly tested in the kitchen. Once it gets our chef's stamp of approval, we'll be ready to ship them out. At that point, we'll also update our cutting board design page to share all of our cutting board research and design decisions. So, check back in soon to see our work!

Why Furniture?

When I buy something, I can't wait to use it. All my time spent figuring out which product to buy is validated and I can fully enjoy my new purchase. The only thing better than that is to enjoy the product more often. So, I wanted to focus initially on designing things that people use daily. 

I spend a lot of time in my house, especially because I often work from home. I interact with products, furniture, and appliances all day in three main rooms: the kitchen, living room, and office. These are the kinds of places I've started with to choose new products, but nothing is set in stone! If you have any similar products that you think need a fresh design, let me know on the Customs page. 

Our Values

At Onecar, we're committed to putting the user first and delivering products with honest and transparent design. We're proud of our products, and we want you to know why. For many of our products, you'll find a detailed page where we share our research and design decisions. We hope this insight furthers your enjoyment of our products and gives you a chance to see our design process.

We're also committed to being a good neighbor, online, as a business, and in general. If you notice anything that we can do better, let us know. We're always trying to improve.

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